Will Eagles Fans Make Super Bowl a Home Game?

The Linc was so loud Sunday, the noise from the stadium could actually be heard three miles away. It was so loud during that Patrick Robinson pick-six that the building actually started to shake. It was so loud, most of the players just laughed when they were asked about it afterward.

And the Eagles obviously seem to play better at home. Their defense especially.

In eight road games this season, the Eagles have given up 188 points (23.5 per game). In 10 home games, including playoffs, they've given up just 124 (12.4).

When asked, defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz said he doesn't really know what it will be like playing at a neutral site for the Super Bowl. But he's hoping it'll be more like a home game than a road one.

"I do know this, and I felt this after the game, I think everybody here felt how much the city celebrated with our team," Schwartz said. "It's been a while since the Eagles have been in a Super Bowl. We haven't won one. I think that the fans that are able to make it to Minneapolis, just like the fans that made it to Los Angeles and so many other places along the way for us, they will turn it into a home crowd for us. I think that's the great thing.

"Our Eagles fans travel. It's tough travel. The Super Bowl's a tough ticket. But I think that we're going to see a lot of green and we're going to hear a lot of people singing our fight song, as opposed [to the Patriots' fight song]. So I'm hoping that it's not a neutral site."

Schwartz is right. It isn't easy to get to the Super Bowl and it certainly isn't cheap. A quick StubHub check Tuesday night showed the cheapest price for a ticket in US Bank Stadium is running around $3,500 and that's for a spot in the corner of the nosebleeds. If you really wanted, you could spend around $15,000 to sit near the field at the 50-yard line. And then pay for airfare and a place to stay.

It certainly isn't easy, but Eagles fans have a history of traveling well. Just look at some of the games this season, specifically both games in Los Angeles, which were full of Eagles fans.

The Eagles went 9-1 at home this season and are 15-3 over the last two years at home, including playoffs. That's the best home record in the NFL during that span.

If Eagles fans can move the needle from neutral to a home crowd in the Super Bowl, it could go a long way. Schwartz certainly wouldn't turn down the help.

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