Will the Eagles Appreciate Jon Runyan?

Is it safe to say that one of the most under-appreciated players on the Eagles team is offensive lineman John Runyan?

Think about what he does.

He goes to war every Sunday with the opposing teams' top defensive linemen and is only noticed if he allows a sack.

Before the debacle in the desert, Runyan was seen sporting a T-shirt that said: “Overworked and underappreciated.”

Will the Eagles give Runyan a new contract and show him how much they appreciate what he has done for them over the years? 

The answer probably won't be revealed for about two months when the team starts making decisions on all their free agents.

Let’s hope for Donovan McNabb’s sake that the 330-pound offensive lineman is brought back another season to butt heads with his opponents and keep his quarterback protected.   

Runyan is no spring chicken -- now 35-years-old -- but still plays at a high rate.

He is also durable playing through a cracked tailbone last year and a swollen knee this year. 

Although Runyan has sustained some injuries the past few seasons, he has not missed a single game. He has played in 192 consecutive games -- only two NFL positional players -- Brett Favre and Derrick Brooks -- have played in more consecutive regular season games. 

Runyan would be an easy selection for the Hall of Fame if he had a Super bowl ring on his resume, said former Eagle, Stan Walters. Without a ring, offensive linemen tend to be overlooked.

With the team’s young fearful defense, the Eagles need to mostly upgrade the offensive side of the ball if they hope to make another Super Bowl run. Runyan deserves the opportunity to be part of that run -- maybe getting another chance to get that elusive Super Bowl ring.

Because of his ability to still perform on the field and play at a high level ever week, why would the Eagles even consider not bringing him back another season? Don’t the Eagles owe it to Runyan to show him the same type of loyalty he has given them for nine seasons?

The Eagles are known for letting players walk when going over the age of 30. In this case, the Birds should forget Runyan's age and look more at his current performance.

Runyan wants to finish his career in Philly. What do the Eagles want?

Let’s hope the Birds want the big guy wearing Eagles green for at least another season. That would be the ultimate show of appreciation for Runyan.

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