Eagles Prez Set to Answer Your Questions

Our question is: will he?

Eagles President Joe Banner pokes his head into the mouth of a lion Wednesday -- he's going onto Philly sports radio to (at least on the surface) try to calm down angry Eagles fans.

B-Dawk is gone, Housh is in Seattle and D-Mac still doesn't have any new weapons -- Eagles fans have a right to be pissed off.

The Eagles lack of off-season movement has alienated fans and caused concern about the future direction of the team.

There are plenty of burning questions:

  • What are the Birds thinking?
  • Why did they allow Brian Dawkins to walk?
  • What are they going to do with all the extra money under the salary cap?
  • Are they ready to commit to rebuilding?

The man with these answers is Banner. The problem is that he often skips around giving a precise answer.

He'll get the chance to explain what the heck the Eagles' brass has been thinking this off-season when he sits down for a radio interview on Wednesday.

Banner fields questions on Howard Eskin's show 5 p.m today. The Banner sit down is featured on the 610 WIP Web site but if you click on the link it doesn't allow you to ask any questions.

We might not have Banner, but we still want to hear from Eagles fans. Tell us what you would ask Banner if you had a chance to sit down with the Eagles moneyman.

Just post your questions below and we'll fire 'em off to Eskin.

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