Which Philly Athletes Are A-Twitter?

Getting close to grab an autograph of Philly’s Athletes can be a challenge, but fans can get closer than ever in 140 characters or less.

Fans who want to know what their favorite athlete ate for dinner, which movie the 76ers’ Thad Young just saw or how Eagles linebacker Stewart Bradley planned to win the next game should be keeping an eye on Twitter.

Sixers stars like Andre Iguodala or Young share their opinions and keep contact with the fan base.

But it’s not just the players keeping fans in the loop.

Most teams, like the Phils, Sixers, the Union and Flyers, even have their own Twitter Accounts to keep fans informed about major changes, updates on the team and even ticket specials.

The coolest tweets belong to the Sixers -- followers sometimes even get a sneak peek into their locker room.

But recently Twitter created controversy. Players started twittering about their injuries, medical conditions and on possible trades, not only before and after games, but also during them. Some league and team officials weren't happy.

The NFL was the first league to state that it will allow all athletes to Twitter, but only up to 90 minutes before the game and then again after the traditional media interviews, according to NBC Sports.

In the end it is always questionable if an athlete Twitters on his own or if it’s a ghostwriting fan pretending to be his idol. The NBC Investigators even just did a story on fake Twitter accounts and included some athletes in their findings.

To fight against abuses, Twitter confirms profiles of certain celebs like former Sixers-star Allen Iverson to verify authenticity.

These are some of the other Philly athletes who tweet.

Macho Harris
Max Jean-Gilles
Former Eagle Garry Cobb

Chad Durbin

Royal Ivey

Riley Cote

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