R.I.P. Werth's Beard

Jayson's flowing face mane is no more

It's gone. It's really gone.

Matt Gelb of the Inquirer broke the news via Twitter yesterday that Phillies outfielder Jayson Werth's unbelievable facial hair had ceased to be.

Todd Zolecki then followed up with visual confirmation, posting a picture of an uncomfortably normal-looking Werth.

What was all the beard hoopla about?

Zolecki summed it up perfectly:

"Like it or not Jayson Werth's Grizzly Adams beard caused quite a stir this spring. I can't explain it, but people loved  it."

In Werth's defense, the beard might have run it's course. He's batting a dismal .184 this spring, striking out 15 times in 49 at bats.  The beard, however, crushed two home runs.

But, entering a big contract year the All-Star right fielder likely wants to come to Philly feeling as comfortable as possible.

Maybe hair-in-eyes-while-batting syndrome was the cause behind Werth's dismal spring. You be the judge.

In any case, the cavemanesque look will be missed. (Moment of silence)

The good news: there are still plenty of pictures of the beautiful scruff online and Werth even rocked it for his official photo. Set one as your desktop background in remembrance of the beard and all it's wonder.

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