‘Powerbelly,' Saggy Pants: Wardrobe Malfunctions From Pyeongchang and Sochi Games

The Pyeongchang Olympics have had more wardrobe malfunctions than a Super Bowl halftime show, the latest on live television Sunday night when French ice dancer Gabriella Papadakis' costume became unhooked, briefly exposing her left breast.

It was obvious to NBC announcers Terry Gannon and Tanitha White that Papadakis and partner Guillaume Cizeron directed much of the energy during their routine at trying to keep her costume from flying open.

Papadakis said it was the "worst nightmare happening at the Olympics."

Earlier in the Olympics, South Korean figure skater Yura Min had a similar issue. Min felt the dress slipping off her shoulder and down her arm but still powered through the performance with Alexander Gamelin. 

"I know that if this comes undone, then the whole thing is going to come undone. So I had that panic,” she said. "That wouldn’t be the most ideal Olympic experience, obviously. The whole time in the back of my head I was just thinking: 'Keep your back straight because it might come down.'”

The two couples aren't the only ones to deal with costume-related mishaps during the history of the Olympics. During the last Winter Games in Sochi, there were at least three memorable ones. 

Swedish slopestyle skier Henrik Harlaut nearly lost his pants while flying through the air during his first qualifying run. Luckily he was wearing blue tights underneth. For his part, Harlaut claimed that he was used to skiing with his pants below his waist. 

"I don't find it difficult," he said. "I've skied like that the past 10 years. It's been (my style) for awhile. I'm pretty comfortable like that."

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Canadian bobsledder Christopher Spring had trouble fitting into his suit while in Sochi. He tweeted a picture that revealed a rip though the center of his suit caused by what he called his "powerbelly." 

"I tried on my race suit ahead of tomorrow's 2man Olympic race and its a little...er tight. #powerbelly," Spring wrote.

A Russian speedskater competing at the Sochi Olympics also exposed more skin than she wanted to. Olga Graf unzipped her suit during a cool down lap after winning bronze, revealing a triangle of skin from neck to belly button.

"I totally forgot," Graf told The Associated Press. "We have very good suits and they are very tight. ... You just want to breathe and you want to take off your suit."

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