Shane Shows Off Bad Thumb, Good Attitude

The Flyin’ Hawaiian was in Philly Wednesday instead of South Florida with his team as he gets tests done on his injured hand.

So what’s the prognosis on Phillies center fielder Shane Victorino’s strained right thumb?

“It feels great -- it feels a lot better than it did yesterday,” Victorino told NBC Philadelphia.

“We’re just awaiting the results… hopefully we’ll find out the next couple of days and we’ll go from there.”

Victorino had a brace on his throwing hand as he spoke with our cameras.

“This is more a precaution… to make sure that I know my thumb is hurt. Just to remind me that my thumb is injured.”

So what does Shane remember about his center field fall in Toronto that caused the injury?

“It was just one of those freak accidents -- I got my cleat caught in the carpet… I was like ‘get this ball in’ and I tried to throw it at the last second.”

Despite an injury that could land Suga Shane on the disabled list he still leads the National League All-Star Game Final Vote.

Even if he can’t play in the Midsummer Classic, the meaning of being recognized isn’t lost on Victorino.

“It definitely means a lot to represent your organization, your city, your family in an All-Star Game.”

Victorino is excited just for the chance to get into the All-Star Game and grateful for everyone going online to vote for him especially two fans voting nonstop for Victorino.

“Mike and Jesse I really appreciate at…. Thank you very much for sitting there at your computer without getting any rest.”

Talking about rest -- stay tuned to see how long Victorino must rest with a bad thumb.

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