When It Counts Vick Looks Like McNabb

McNabb With Vick
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With the Eagles season hanging in the balance Sunday and 1:45 on the clock, Michael Vick stepped behind center needing to drive the Eagles 66 yards for a win over the Packers.

He was hobbled from an apparent ankle injury and had the chance to become a hero in this town even with only one good leg.

This type of high-pressure situation was part of the reason why Donovan McNabb was traded to the rival Redskins before the season. No. 5 seemingly never came through in the clutch and even allegedly vomited while trying to bring the Eagles back in the Super Bowl against the Patriots.

Kevin Kolb was handed the reins of the franchise because he was supposed to have ice in his veins. But after he went down in Week 1 -- and the Mike Vick show took over -- Eagles fans suddenly believed we really had a QB that could come back in any situation.

Then in Week 15 with the Eagles trailing by 21 points against the Giants, Vick showed us all -- gave us hope -- that he was the one who could come through in the clutch no matter how dire the situation.

But, right when Vick needed to be like Mike he wound up choking like Donovan.

After two passes netted the Eagles 39 yards, Vick needed just 27 more to move the Birds one step close to the Promised Land.

"The last play we had four verticals and I just took a shot at the end zone," Vick said. 

With 40-something seconds left Vick went for the home run throwing up a jump ball into the windy night. Rookie Riley Cooper was out of position in the end zone and Packers DB Tramon Williams came down with an easy interception to clinch the W for Green Bay.

"I could have checked it down to the back and I feel like I got greedy and took a shot at the endzone and didn’t throw the right ball I wanted to throw and then it got picked off," Vick saod. "It’s a bad way to go out, but, hey, I went out swinging."

And just like McNabb, Vick put up impressive numbers (292 yards passing, 33 rushing yards and 2 total TDs) but failed to put up the most important number -- a number greater than the other team’s total score.

Packers 21 - Eagles 16.

Vick definitely isn't the only man to blame -- kicker David Akers, linebacker Ernie Sims, Eagles coaching staff's play selection on both sides of the ball and penalty-prone offensive tackle Winston Justice all share in the blame for this loss. But, Vick is the QB, which by default makes him the first man praised when the going's good and the first man canned when things go wrong.

"I feel like I got greedy," Vick said postgame.

So we might have a new Pro Bowl QB here in Philly but in the end Eagles fans are still left with the same bitter taste in their mouths.

It doesn’t matter who is in control it seems Andy Reid’s Eagles are only good at one thing -- let fans down in the end.

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