‘Good Chance' Vick Will Play Sunday: Eskin

Even a couple broken ribs possibly won’t keep Eagles QB Michael Vick from trying to play against the division rival Giants on NBC’s Sunday Night Football (shameless plug alert) this week.

“Vick has broken ribs I'm hearing good chance he will play Sunday. Vick knows no chance to beat NY without him,” Football Night in Philly’s Howard Eskin tweeted Tuesday night.

Eskin then tweeted:

“Let's be honest. Its good Vick knows he needs to play on Sunday. No chance without him. However don't think he will practice most of wk.”

Vick might want to play, and even with his accuracy issues, he still likely gives the Eagles a better chance to win than backups Vince Young or Mike Kafka.

But with the Eagles sitting at 3-6 and for all intents and purposes looking towards the draft rather than the playoffs, does it make sense to wheel their $100-million man out there against the first-place Giants?

Also, Vick missed three games last season after suffering broken ribs in Week 4 so it's reasonable he could sit out with a similar injury.

At least if Vick starts the Eagles can rely on a heavy dose of Shady McCoy – oh wait for the past two weeks they have virtually ignored McCoy in big spots so maybe that needs revised.

Well at least the Phillies hot stove keeps heating up.

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