Vick Hears Cheers, Eagles Win

Some fans chant "we want Vick"

Lincoln Financial Field was half empty Thursday night as the game between the Birds and Jaguars began, but it soon filled up -- with cheers.

It wasn’t clear if any fans stayed away because of the Eagles’ newest quarterback or just because it was a preseason game known for scrubs and sloppiness.

One thing was certain those fans that were in the house made sure to make Michael Vick feel welcomed. Most in attendance stood up and clapped as Vick took the field on the Eagles second play. Vick completed a four-yard shovel pass to LeSean McCoy to give the fans a little thrill.

And before the night ended a mini QB-controversy brewed.

After starting QB Donovan McNabb threw an errant pass that resulted in a pick instead of boo birds he heard Vick birds as the Eagles offense came back on the field.

It wasn’t a huge response from the crowd but the chanting of “We Want Vick” (good alliteration) was definitely audible.

How did McNabb respond? By driving the team down field with a series of concise passes.

The stat comparison tough between Vick and McNabb wasn’t really a contest.

D-Mac passed for 244 yards on 16 or 25 for a TD and an INT while Vick only went four for four for 19 yards.

In total Vick only saw the field for seven plays including one where the Birds called time out amidst some confusion.

The Birds wound up winning behind the leg of David Akers who knocked home four field goals including a 34-yarder to win with just seconds remaining.

The final score Eagles win 33-32.

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