Vai: Vick Should Expect the Blitz

Let’s just get the pick out of the way right up top -- Eagles 28-17.

But just cause I think the Eagles will win doesn’t mean it will come easy.

The Falcons will likely blitz to pressure Michael Vick, but The Eagles’ QB is better than he was in Atlanta (2001 to 2006) when he was susceptible to missing blitz reads.

If the Falcons choose to rush only three or four, he’ll find the edges and once Vick’s outside of containment, he’s 30 to 40 yards down the field.

The O-line played better as the game wore on last Sunday against the Rams, so I expect they’ll get better again this week.

Besides, the Eagles have Atlanta’s number. The Eagles have won the teams’ last four meetings dating back to 2006.

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