Vick “A Long Shot” to Play Against Former Team

NFL on Fox

If you take your news from a guy who looks like an extra in the Pirates of Penzance -- and you do -- then you'll be disappointed to learn Fox's Jay Glazer has announced Michael Vick is "a long shot" to play Sunday against his former team, the Falcons.

Of course, Glazer followed that with, "Remember, they play Atlanta next week, and Michael said, 'I'm gonna play in that game.' And one guy there said, 'Hey, if there's one guy tough enough, who may be able to do it, it's Vick.'"

So, basically, Michael Vick has a rib cartilate injury, Jay Glazer doesn't know for sure either way, and he's citing one guy somewhere. What we do know is that sports commentary looks even more dumb written out, and Glazer's first assertation of Vick's health is probably the accurate one. Isn't that disappointing.

Not, mind you, that we wanted to have any Favreian revenge stories trumped up and hammered into our skulls until saved by the mute button. But because we sort of imagine Mike Vick like a cartoon superhero, and hoped to see him unleash a hell against the Falcons that would swiftly turn the Atlanta defense into a delicous pudding on the field.

Mmmm....pudding. Also, it's crucial Philly win this one, and Vick gives the Eagles the best chance of that.

On the bright side, though, if the Eagles can get through Sunday without him, Vick'll get a bye week to continue recovering before they take on an even worse portion of the schedule: the Colts, Redskins, Giants, and Bears round out November, followed by tough matchups against the Texans, Giants, Cowboys, and Vikings.

Considering the Eagles' slow start, they're going to want Vick -- and his ribs -- for more than a few of those.

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