Place Your Bets! Vegas Lays Extra Odds on Vick-McNabb Battle

The eyes of an entire nation will be tuned into see Donovan McNabb vs. Michael Vick on Sunday -- no, really -- and because Vegas is a well-lit, wanton whore (just kidding, baby!), figured they may as well get a little cut of the attention and released some additional odds.

You can't actually place bets on these "special" offerings right now. But any time you can bet on Donovan McNabb to celebrate without this: make a pool with your friends at home and try to trick them out of a few dollars or a child or two. Free labor is awesome.

Oh, and take the over on Kevin Kolb. They're going to show that poor guy so often he's going to wish Andy Reid had never been born. Er, more than usual.

Most passing yards on Sunday:
McNabb +110
Vick -140

Most combined touchdowns on Sunday:
McNabb +175
Vick -215

Most rushing yards on Sunday:
McNabb +215
Vick -215

Higher completion percentage on Sunday:
McNabb -115
Vick -115

McNabb sacks on Sunday:
Over/under is 3.5

More receiving yards on Sunday:
Santana Moss +175
DeSean Jackson -175.

How will McNabb celebrate a rushing TD:
Michael Jackson leg kick dance (20-1)
dunk the ball over the goal post (25-1)
finger roll the ball over the goal post (25-1).

Direct sideline TV shots of Kevin Kolb:
Over/under is 3.5

McNabb parents TV shots: Over/under is 1.5 [Birds Nest note: even McNabb's parents are afraid to watch this game in person (or something). Normally, we'd say don't tell your friends, and take the under. But if we know sports TV of late, they're going to track this poor couple down at home, or stage them at a Boys & Girls Club. Don't be fooled.]

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