Training Camp Scuffles Can Get You Noticed

NIck Laham

Players and fans caught a break Tuesday morning at Lehigh with the skies overcast and a cool breeze blowing through practice.

Still, with limited spots available on the team, competition is heightened; nerves are tense and tempers short.

Free agent DB Dimitri Patterson got into a fight with WR Jeremy Maclin during a drill. Teammates quickly jumped in to break it up so there was no clear winner. Well, if you don't count the big lineman who got a few extra minutes to catch their breathe while order was restored.

As a rookie, my position coach told me that one way to catch the attention of the staff was to fight at the drop of a hat -- for any reason -- a perceived slight, a defender covering you to closely or tackling you too hard. Anything that communicates to the staff and your teammates that you're not gonna take any crap.

So, I did. Every day. Every drill. Every practice.

I got noticed and made the team.

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