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Usain Bolt, Andre de Grasse Are All Smiles in Surprising Photo Finish of 200m Semi

The sprinting pair are apparently fast friends — and quick on their feet, too

Usain Bolt was cruising to another 200-meter victory Wednesday night in the race's third semifinal heat when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye that he never expected.

Canadian Andre de Grasse was actually challenging him, gaining ground in the final stretch. He was even staring Bolt down, as he pulled within 0.02 seconds for a photo finish.

"He was supposed to slow down," Bolt said after the race, clearly amused by the encounter. Most Olympic sprinters coast to the finish line if they know they're guaranteed to progress to the next round.

Bolt laughed an shook his finger at a grinning de Grasse after they passed the finish line in first and second.

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The pair are apparently fast friends. They hugged and chatted while draped in their country's flags after the 100-meter dash, which Bolt won and de Grasse placed third in this week. De Grasse has called Bolt a mentor of his.

Bolt holds the world record at 200 meters and is the clear favorite in Thursday's final. American Lashawn Merritt qualified with the third best time.

"I'm ready, I'm feeling good, that felt smooth," Bolt said after the race. "I'm on the right track."

Bolt's mid-run smile has already become a meme this Olympics, but the Bolt-de Grasse bromance struck another chord on social media Wednesday:

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