Union Score With 1st Jersey

The Philadelphia Union did something creative and classic with their inaugural look.

Normally we wouldn’t have much to say about the style of the jersey but the midnight blue with gold racing shirts look pretty cool. They actually picked a jersey that looked sharp, sophisticated and proper.

The familiar Run DMC-esque Adidas three-stripe running down each shoulder really brings the look together.

And the final touch has to be the “We are One” motto scrolled inside the collar.

The color scheme is reminiscent of classic college teams like Pitt, Navy and Notre Dame rather than any other professional teams.

The uni-watch normally lambasts Philly teams.

After the disastrous Swedish Flag Eagles anniversary jersey, Phillies gold-trimmed World Champs look and Sixers what’s old is new (or is it?) look, it was nice to see a Philly team opt for something classy.

Heck, even Philadelphia’s non-major teams even fell victim to the bad jersey trend from horrible Philadelphia Wings jerseys to the color scheme used by the Philadelphia Teals, oops, make that the Soul.

The midnight blue and gold Union jersey was unveiled Friday and was almost immediately up for grabs at the MLS team’s Web site.

The Union might still not have any players but at least we know that those players will be looking good once they take the pitch next year.

Let’s just hope they don’t destroy the classy appearance by plastering a corporate name across their chests that doesn’t fit with the look.

Now, will fans be united behind the Union’s blue and gold?

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