Ultimate Frisbee, Turkey Sandwiches, Near Retirement: Eagles Share Favorite Nick Foles Stories

It doesn't sound like Nick Foles will play in Thursday's preseason game against his former team, but we do know it'll at least be a chance for him to catch up with his teammates before the game. 

Even though he's now the Jaguars' starting quarterback, Foles means a lot to Philadelphia and to his teammates still left here. 

With that in mind, I asked a few of his former teammates for their favorite Nick Foles stories. Here's what they came up with: 

Zach Ertz

"My favorite one on the football field I always come back to is the final drive in the Super Bowl when he was just so confident. He didn't really care. It seemed like he was so calm that he was like the moment wasn't even there, like we were just out in the bubble practicing like a Thursday during the season. He was so calm. He was just like, ‘I just want to say I love you guys and let's go get this thing.' That's probably my favorite one. That pretty much epitomized him. He just cared so much about each and every person that he ever played with. 

"He was my first roommate on the road. So our rookie year, he would order a turkey club before bed every away game. I have so many stories like that. Just an incredible person." 

Brandon Graham 

"Knowing that Nick was going to retire the year he won the Super Bowl because his elbow and everything was … he just felt like his elbow wasn't getting better. He started doing acupuncture, started doing some stuff that we tried to add to help him and ended up helping him. And, man, look what he's doing now. 

"That's my favorite story now because I remember him coming in the first day back [in 2017] and the first time seeing him. It was like, ‘Man, how you doing?' Checking in to see how he was doing. And I remember him saying he was going to retire after this year because his elbow and stuff was messing up. I just went to him and was like, you should try acupuncture just to see if it makes you feel better. He ended up trying it, it made him feel a little bit better and he started progressing and getting better. And Nick just waited for his moment and that boy took off. I'm excited for him. That was nothing but God, I know. Because he was ready to be done. That's why I say never give up."  

Brandon Brooks 

"Before the touchdown to Torrey Smith in the NFC Championship against Minnesota - the flea flicker - as soon as the play comes in, he looks at the wrist band. He looks at the O-line and goes, ‘Just give me some time, boys, it's going to be a touchdown right here.' Sure enough, it was." 

Wendell Smallwood 

"We played Ultimate Frisbee in OTAs and I was going against him. He was running down and he's got his hand up, like, ‘Hit me!' I jumped up and next thing you know, his legs were on top of my head. He Moss'd me. That's the funniest story we got. And he always clowns me about it. He would always say, ‘You better hope you're not playing Ultimate Frisbee today' because he did me bad one day." 

Carson Wentz 

"I always credit Nick for getting me into liking coffee. Nick was always making coffee every morning and I was never a big coffee guy and I tried the stuff he makes. I credit Nick for getting me into coffee a little bit."

Nate Sudfeld 

"I don't even know where to start. He's like my brother. I have so many. Probably just playing the Vikings in the NFC Championship Game and him just playing lights out. He scrambled out and threw to [Nelson Agholor] turning up the sideline in like the third quarter and converted. He's playing lights out and Frank Reich turns to me and I'm just like, blank stare, ‘What just happened? What a play!' And Frank's like, ‘He's unconscious.' And I look at Nick and he's just like … (Sudfeld makes a ho-hum straight face) out there just doing his thing. It was classic. It was one of the early glimpses I got of how great he is."

Stefen Wisniewski 

"When I think of Nick Foles, obviously a great quarterback, but I think of conversations we had about our faith in Christ. Just being in Bible study. Foles would be quoting some deeply intellectual bible commentary he was reading. I was just like, 'This dude's a beast.' That's what he's reading in his free time. He's studying the Bible, he's reading what these really, really smart people wrote about the Bible. I'm like, ‘I like this guy. This is my guy.'" 

Richard Rodgers 

"I beat him in cornhole last year in training camp and I never let him forget it. He went to U of A (University of Arizona), so we have a Pac-12 rivalry already (Rodgers went to Cal). I was down a little bit in cornhole and I had to come back and beat him. I let him know about it the whole year. He needs a rematch at some point and I'm waiting for it. If you interview him, you can let him know I'm waiting for the rematch."

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