Tom Brady Takes Issue With Tony Romo's Analysis During Buccaneers-Bills Game

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Brady hilariously calls out Romo, EA Sports over speed slight originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Tom Brady may be leading the league in passing yards at age 44, but he continues to take pride in his rushing abilities as well.

Not everyone views Brady as much of a dual-threat quarterback, however, including CBS analyst Tony Romo.

Early on in Tampa Bay's 33-27 overtime victory over the Buffalo Bills Sunday, Brady and the Bucs faced first and 10 from their own 20-yard line. As Brady analyzed Buffalo's defense before the snap, Romo took note of how Brady moves people with his eyes when he's in the pocket, rather than with his feet.

"He's slow, right?" Romo quipped. "He can't actually make someone miss."

Brady rushed for a 12-yard gain on the play. 

Word must have gotten back to Brady about Romo's commentary, as he offered a rebuttal Monday afternoon highlighting two big runs he had in the game.

"Is he not watching? Because..." Brady asked during the video, cutting to another first down run he had later on for Tampa.

Brady ended his video also taking aim at Peyton Manning and the latest installment of the Madden franchise for his speed rating, photoshopping in a '93' rating when the game has him at a 71.

Brady has rushed for 1,111 yards on 662 attempts -- including kneel downs -- over his 22-year career, good enough for 1.7 yards per carry.

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