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Vincent Hancock Wants His Legacy to Be More Than His 3 Olympic Golds

“I want there to be so much more to me than that,” Hancock said

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Vincent Hancock made history Monday, becoming the first skeet shooter to win three golds. But the 32-year-old from Fort Worth, Texas, says he doesn't want his Olympic wins to be his only legacy.

“I want there to be so much more to me than that,” Hancock said. “[I want to be] known for my girls, knowing that I was there 100% of the time. And teaching this next generation coming up on how to shoot and how to want to succeed in everything they set out to do.”

And who better than the face of men’s skeet shooting in the U.S. to help mold the next generation of shooters?

"I love kids, I love the passion that they bring and I love my sport, and combing the two, I couldn't ask for anything better," Hancock said.

Hancock is one of the world’s best skeet shooter, winning four world championships and six World Cup events. He also was the first American skeet shooter to complete a perfect World Cup event, hitting every target at a 2015 competition in Mexico.

Tokyo Olympics

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Hancock set his own Olympic record at the Tokyo Games, hitting 59 of 60 shots to add another gold medal to the ones he won in Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012. It was redemption after finishing a disappointing 15th at the Rio Games.

“So far, not going to lie. This is the coolest medal I have ever gotten. It means so much to me," Hancock said. “Knowing everything that I have had to go through in the last year and a half in anticipation of getting to Tokyo. This was vastly different than the previous two and it's something I am going to cherish for a long time."

Still, Hancock is already thinking about the 2024 Paris Olympics. He said he plans on defending his current title at those Games, and then "we will figure it out from there."

"While it's my goal to win as many of these things as I possible can, I don't think that's what people are going to remember me for," he added.

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