Time for T.O. and the Birds to Make Amends?

Brian Dawkins is gone, the Birds have no leader and Donovan McNabb told the press that he wouldn't re-negotiate his contract until the front office brought in a No. 1 wide receiver, so could T.O. make his way back to Philly?

HA! Wouldn't that be funny?! Eagles fans are already on the verge of boycotting their beloved team, what's one more stupid move?

As you've probably heard, the Dallas Cowboys released the troublemaking T.O. (that's going to make for some interesting material for his new reality show on VH1) last night, ESPN has reported.

Just last year the Cowgirls shelled out a $12 million signing bonus as part of a newly negotiated four-year, $34 million contract. So letting go of Owens will cost Dallas about $9 million to release.

Totally worth it if you ask me.

He had problems with Tomy Romo, Jason Witten and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. Not to mention his battle with McNabb and the entire city of Philadelphia.

He’s left a bad taste in our mouths, but is a potential Super Bowl win enough for us to rinse, spit and start anew?

Alright, let's put this in perspective, the Birds have money to spend and are in dire need of a wide receiver that can make plays and score, but Terrell Owens back in black and green? Doubt it.

But for the hell of it, let's just say the "impossible" happens, what would you (the fans) do? Would you boycott the Birds? Or would you stand behind your team? Maybe you'd egg Andy Reid's car...Let us know!  

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