Ex-Phils Slugger Quietly Closing in on Milestone

Former Phillies All-Star Jim Thome is about to enter an exclusive club of sluggers but it seems that no one is really noticing.

The Minnesota Twins DH is three dingers away from 600 home runs. Unlike others, who love to hit the long-ball, Thome has never been one for the spotlight. The 40-year-old has seemed to live his career by the “speak softly and carry a big stick” motto.

The Peoria, Ill. native spent almost three-seasons with the Phils before being traded to the Chicago White Sox in 2005.  Thome had two successful seasons in Philly with a combined 89 homers, before injuries -- and the emergence of Ryan Howard -- claimed his tenure at first base. All in all, he will be remembered as a solid first baseman for the Phillies who helped make the team competitive before leaving the Vet for Citizens Bank Park. And he saved fans from the Travis Lee years.

Not to mention he bought Howard some time to develop into the All-Star we know and love -- most of the time.

If the “steroid era” is removed from the records Thome -- widely considered to be clean -- finds himself in great company alongside legends Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron and Willie Mays in the 600 homer club.

So keep your eyes open and looking toward the Midwest to see if this potential Hall of Famer can get to 600 before the season ends. And once he does join the 600 homer club feel free to applaud the former Phillie.

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