This Is a LeBron James Billboard We Didn't Expect

There were many things we learned watching the Philadelphia 76ers this season.

Joel Embiid can stay healthy for most of an NBA season. Marco Belinelli will take any shot, anytime, anywhere. Markelle Fultz has a shoulder. Ben Simmons can't shoot yet. Brett Brown is a heck of a guy.

And billboards are apparently pretty cheap.

Our inability to avoid talking about said billboards is about as blatant as Simmons' lack of a jumper. Ugh.

Sixers fans put up billboards. Lakers fans put up billboards. Cleveland fans put up billboards. High schools put up billboards.

Now minor-league baseball teams are putting up billboards.

It doesn't really make sense, but here we are, talking about the Lehigh Valley IronPigs. And their billboards.

If nothing else, this new billboard landed me on the Michael Jordan played minor-league baseball wikipedia page. Waste five minutes of your day and reminisce about the mediocrity from the GOAT.

And the Sixers should go after Paul George anyway.

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