This 4-hour Phillie Phanatic Yule Log Video Is the Perfect Holiday Treat

[CSNPhily] This 4-hour Phillie Phanatic Yule Log video is the perfect holiday treat

Making a nice fire at home and sitting around it wrapping presents during the holiday season probably isn't as common as it used to be in Philadelphia -- unless you're planning on burning your Doug Pederson throwback jersey this month, I'd guess.

Instead of a real fire, many people find a nice Yule Log video on YouTube or Xfinity and watch it on their television to get into the holiday spirit with a nice cup of eggnog.

A fake fire is nice and all but how about fake fire with the Phillie Phanatic doing Phanatic-like things? Thanks to the Phillies' official YouTube channel, you can treat yourself to almost four hours of the Phanatic doing just that.

You can virtually hang with the Phanatic as he enjoys a good book in his rocking chair, plays with a very good dog who comes to visit and has an adorable chew toy, meets some ball girls, attempts to hang some Christmas lights, and finally has some very special guests come join him.

It's the perfect television viewing this time of year because you definitely don't want to spend 4 hours watching an Eagles game. The Phanatic Yule Log is the relaxing choice.

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