How Not to Wear a Mike Vick Halloween Costume

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Atlanta hip-hop artist T.I. is quite a big fan of Eagles QB Mike Vick, so much so that he actually went to prison for ten months back in 2009-2010. And to show the world just how much he loves himself some Ookie, T.I. dressed as the Vick for Halloween. Oh, well that sounds like a fun costume...Oh. Oh no, that's not such a good look.

From TMZ:

T.I. and his wife Tiny hit up a Halloween costume party at the Gold Room in Atlanta -- T.I. dressed as Mike Vick... his wife dressed as a ref.

Here's the deal, people. If you're dressing as a famous football player for Halloween (and you're a multi-platinum artist with the cash to spend on a good costume), you don't wear jeans with your shoulder pads and jersey, it looks incredibly toolish. You know that T.I. left his house that night thinking he looked like the coolest guy ever in that get-up. You can tell because he's giving the camera the "blue steel" look in every shot. You want to dress as Mike Vick? Spring for football pants. Go all the way. And don't wear a pair of kicker's shoulder pads -- do those belong to a second grader? They barely reach T.I.'s nipples. And for crying out loud, don't wear TWO armbands. Vick always TAPES his wrists, or he wears long sleeves.

This costume is terrible. T.I. is on Halloween costume probation from now until the end of the century.

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