The Fightin' Flyer Leads NHL in Throwing Down

Riley Cote has seven fights under his belt already this season.

The Flyers are middling in the Atlantic Conference and have few standout statistical leaders this season, but they do have one claim to NHL fame -- the top fighter on the ice -- Riley Cote.

Cote, 26, is listed as a left winger on the scorecard but he serves the purpose of enforcer for the Flyers. He lives up to the "Broad Street Bully" nickname.

Cote doesn't light up the stat sheet: zero goals, zero assists and minus one for the season. 

Where his value to the Broad Street Bullies is measured is in penalty time where he has racked up a team-high 41 penalty minutes and NHL-high for fighting majors.

In eleven games so far in the 2008-09 season Cote has dropped the gloves seven times, according to

His fighting videos are becoming a YouTube hit (get it?) among hockey aficionados.

At the rate he is going Cote will put up these stats for the season:
No Goals
No Assists
Minus 7
306 Penalty minutes
And a truly amazing 52 fighting majors.

You gotta wonder if Cote is headed to suffer a concussion, a far too normal incident in hockey, just ask Eric Lindross. Let's hope not.

Here is one of Cote's biggest hits so far this season:


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