The Takeaway: Dumbest Team in the World

Andy Reid Upset
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Welcome to The Takeaway, where we take away the three key points from the Eagles previous game, in this case the team's 31-24 loss to the Bills.

1. This might be the stupidest team in football. If you need a perfect example of how this season is going for the Eagles, you only need to look to the end of the first half Sunday, when the Eagles had eight seconds left on the clock and wanted to run one more play before kicking a field goal. You, the home viewer, knew the Eagles HAD to get that play off in a timely fashion so that enough time would be left on the clock. Brian Billick was up in the FOX booth saying, essentially, that the last thing the Eagles needed was for Mike Vick to go running around like an idiot and leave the team with no time left after throwing for the end zone. Then Vick went out and did JUST THAT -- running around like an idiot and getting his pass off late. Then, with :00 left on the clock, you had Vick and Andy Reid holding up one finger (not that one) to the refs, pleading to them for an extra second, as if to say, "Hey, could you undo our idiocy for us?" No such luck.

A perfect example of this 2011 season? The Eagles doing something really stupid and then expecting to be absolved for it because, well, things weren't supposed to happen like that.

But that wasn't even the stupidest part of the game! How about Juqua Parker jumping offsides at the end of the game on the SECOND hard count? How is that possible? And what about the Eagles doing their little onside kick (NOTE: Never let Andy Reid try an onside kick) before the ref said it was okay to kick off? What about another week in which the Eagles' run/pass ratio was two-to-freakin'-one? How can one team, let alone one this "talented," be that stupid? When is Andy Reid gonna be held accountable for this wreck?

2. Vick has regressed. This is the second straight week the Eagles have blown a chance to come back because of a turnover caused by a wideout. But even though the final pick yesterday was Jason Avant's fault, there's no denying that Vick has gotten worse since last season. The efficiency and discipline he showed throughout most of 2010 is gone, replaced by a frantic carelessness, a fervent desire to try and gain 60 yards on every play. He's pressing and turning the ball over again and again as a result. The worst part is that no one on the Eagles' coaching staff has been able to settle him down. The more the Eagles have lost, the worse he's gotten.

3. Time for the FORK watch. If there's any solace to be had from Sunday, it's that the Giants somehow managed to lose to the Seahawks, which means that, even at 1-4, the Eagles aren't in that big of a hole. You can't stick a fork in them yet. You always know a team is finished when people stop asking what's wrong with your team and start ignoring it altogether. That hasn't happened with the Eagles. But if they don't grow a brain quickly, that "fork" moment isn't far off.

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