David Chang

WATCH: Jimmy Fallon and the Roots Make Fun of 76ers on Tonight Show

The Philadelphia 76ers’ winless season has been a source of pain for their fans and amusement for everyone else, including late night talk show hosts.

The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon poked fun at the Sixers and their 0 and 18 record during Monday’s opening monologue. He even had his house band and popular Philly hip hop group the Roots join in on mocking their hometown team.

“The Sixers are so bad that the last time they won, Ben Franklin had courtside seats,” said Roots rapper Black Thought.

“The Sixers are so bad they’re now named after how many people are in the crowd,” drummer Questlove quipped.

After other Roots members shared their own one-liners, Fallon ended it with a joke of his own.

“The 76ers are so bad that Nike is sponsoring them to wear Adidas,” he said as the crowd laughed.

Funny? Corny? Sad? A mixture of all three? Check out the full roasting session above and judge for yourself.

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