The Phillies Get Close to Peavy — Sorta

Padres ace Jake Peavy continued to be the center of trade speculation for nearly every contending team in baseball including the Phillies but the closest Peavy will likely get to the Phightins is when he faces them Tuesday night in San Diego.

The "Peavy Sweepstakes" will be featured front and center Tuesday. Anyone who stays awake for the 10 p.m. EST first pitch will get to see the most coveted pitcher on the trade market face one of the courtiers who may be trying to woo him away from the Padres.

The Phils can offer Peavy exactly what he claimed he wants -- a contending team in the DH-less National League.

But, don't count on Peavy coming to Philly because he hates -- the ballpark.

The righty reportedly said that he doesn't like pitching at Citizens Bank Park. He isn't alone in the perception that CBP is a bandbox especially considering that he currently plays in the pitcher-friendly PETCO Park.

Peavy could also break the budget for the Phillies. They already pay their players more than any other squad in the history of the organization.

Maybe Peavy wants to feel out the Phillies first by facing the Phightins' lineup.

The safe bet for now is that Peavy won't be coming to Philly anytime soon unless he pitches for the Pads during the July 23 make up game -- an unlikely scenario considering he would likely be traded by then.

In the meantime let's hope he doesn't do anything Tuesday night to impress the Phillies brass that much. And, if his opponent Antonio Bastardo lives up to his hype in his Major League debut than maybe this whole Peavy thing can be forgotten about.

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