The Passion Sits Pretty in Lingerie Football Rankings

Are you ready for some football, a Friday night party? Yep that’s right, it’s that time of year again, when sweaty women come together to play some pigskin in their panties. The Lingerie Football League's rankings are out and Philadelphia is sittin’ pretty.

The Philly Passion stole the No. 2 spot for the 2009 Pre-Season Power Rankings. They're expected to go undefeated in the Eastern conference (never mind the fact that they only play four games).

Of course the biggest challenge came from a rival city.

Unfortunately, the Passion trailed the No. 1-ranked Dallas Desire. But don’t get your big girl panties all in a bunch. Our girls have a few tricks in store for them.

No. 13 is not Tyra Lusby’s unlucky number. She was named as the No. 1 running back of the LFL’s All-Star Fantasy Team. A number of her other teammates also ranked high.

And if the rankings aren’t enough to get you to the field, maybe the no pants, no shirts, no problem motto works? The teams play seven-on-seven full tackle. The first home game is November 6 at Sovereign Arena in Trenton. Ticket prices range from $15 to $105.

So start making your fantasy brackets and hopefully your girls will come out on top.

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