The Odds Are In — Eagles Not Super Pick for XLIV

Want a little extra initiative for getting your taxes done before April 15 this year?

Think Vegas, baby.

Don’t waste time or money on the slots or the tables. Hold off on the black jack and skip the keno -- let's talk football betting.

In no way are we suggesting you bet on football but this is more a hypothetical if you find yourself at a sports book in Sin City.

Yes it hasn’t even been a week since the season ended but Las Vegas never sleeps. And this time what happens in Vegas isn’t staying there because Bodog has released the Super Bowl XLIV odds.

The favorite to win it all in 2010 is none other than Tom Brady's Patriots. Even Brady coming off ACL surgery New England still has the odds in their favor.

So the big question, where do the Birds fit into the flock -- are the Eagles contenders or pretenders?

Don't be shocked -- the odds put Philadelphia as an 18-1 shot for the long-awaited Lombardi Trophy for the non-joyous eastern half of Pennsylvania.

At 18-1 odds and 10th on the list, it might not be a bad call to throw some hundos down on the Eagles (we don't condone this action). With the refund check, tax returns and guys like Adam “Pacman” Jones making the money rain down; why not invest your money on something thrilling and potentially profitable?

At this point it seems a steadier bet than the stock market.

Despite the fact Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid are coming back for year XI and the Eagles 2008 run to the NFC Championship game, the experts don’t see a championship for Philly any time in the near future.

So what are some other teams odds to win it all?

The Super Bowl XLIII champion Steelers come in at 12-1 odds, head of the NFC nest Arizona Cardinals weight in at 30-1 odds while the New York Giants hit the third spot with 10-1 odds?

The quarterback “worthy” enough to take down Brady and Co., saddle up Tony Romo, the Dallas Cowboys landed in the two spot at 9-1. Yes the quarterback who has never won a playoff game apparently has wooed Sin City with his ability to choke on anything big that comes at him.

Yes that’s right two teams the Birds knocked out of the playoffs last season are favored ahead of them. The science behind this methodology may never be known.

Feeling riskier than Tom Cruise, put that money roll on the Kansas City Chiefs or the Detroit “can’t win a game” Lions at a whopping 100-1 odds.

But be warned, no bet is a sure bet -- just ask Sir Charles.

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