The Flyers Get Creepy–Call You at Home

The Flyers fly again Tuesday night against the Pittsburgh Penguins and they want you to be there. They want you to be there so badly in fact that they are making calls themselves.

In the ever-changing world of ticket promotions the Flyers went above and beyond with their latest multimedia extravaganza.

They could have overstepped creative, though, and entered the realm of just plain creepy.

The Flyers integrated the Web, video and phone together to try and get you into the Wachovia Center for a playoff game.

The seemingly innocuous Web video starts with star-Flyers Mike Richards and Jeff Carter waiting for the stands to fill up. Head Coach John Stevens then gets on the case and hits the phone to figure out where the missing fans are -- by calling you.

Warning: the whole thing is big-brother-esque to say the least. Check it out for yourself -- click here.

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