The Delicious, the Overpriced, the Free at CBP

All that the Phillies are offering this season to fans at Citizens Bank Park

The chicken, the pizza and the hot dogs -- been there, done that. But, this year at Citizens Bank Park, you’ll also be able to reach for strawberry shortcake.

Wait, strawberry shortcake doesn’t sound very ballparkish. Neither does the meat-and-cheese tray nor- for that matter- any of the many vegetarian offerings.

Thank you very much, but I’ll be sticking with my artery-clogging, barbecue-sauce-slathered combo platter from Bulls Barbecue out in right-center field. God help them if they forget my beans and slaw.

But alas, it’s 2009 and even baseball stadiums now try to be all things to all people, even baseball-loving vegetarians. (It works -- the Phils were named PETA's No. 1 Vegetarian Ballpark for two years running.)

To be fair, the Phillies have actually done a pretty good job of mixing in a ton of different dining options inside the park, making sure that nobody sits there with an empty stomach. Empty wallet?  That’s a side effect sure.

At least your belly will be full. Over time will mean you have to go buy a new, larger Phillies t-shirt to fit over your blossoming gut.

It’s a vicious circle that always leads to more money in the team’s bank account.

Based on the team’s media preview at least NBC Philadelphia can report that the food is very good.

Seasons Pizza has a few really good offerings (including penne pasta pizza) and Campo’s does make a pretty decent steak.

Bull's BBQ is always a great choice and it’s where you probably get the most bang for your ballpark buck.

Plus, the Phillies are adding a new outdoor grill area on the open part of the left field concourse -- burgers, chicken, beer and a few other items will be offered.

As for the Majestic Clubhouse store, the hot item you’re gonna want, provided you have a couple hundred dollars and a hankering for gold sparklies, is the gold outlined Phillies’ jerseys like the ones the players are gonna wear on Opening Night.

The jerseys commemorate the team’s World Series title. Each player's game-worn jersey will be auctioned off for charity afterward.

If you can’t afford one of the replicas, check out the store’s vast line of bobbleheads.

If you can’t afford a bobbler you can always come out for Charlie Manuel bobblehead night and get a FREE bobblehead.

Charlie’s bobblehead actually looks more like Bill Clinton, and unlike Charlie. The Manuel bobblehead mastered the National League art of the double switch.

Take it easy, just kidding -- the guy just won us a championship -- he is a hero and thus deserves to be commemorated with the ultimate honor -- a small plaster statue of himself that constantly shakes its head.

See ya at the ballpark - or at least at the ATM before we head into the ballpark.


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