The “Champ” Returns

The IronPigs' staff can breathe a sigh of relief -- their precious pooch, Champ, is back.

The valuable member of the IronPigs front office was missing since Friday’s game, when he escaped from an open gate.

He was found just a half-mile from the IronPigs' ballpark.

Loretta Pursell, while at the Bull and Bear Restaurant, noticed a dog hanging around the LSI property on Union Boulevard in Allentown, Pa.

She alerted IronPigs officials who rushed to the scene to see if the dog was in fact Champ.

The gloomy and rainy weather was no match for Champ as he was found huddling over a heat vent -- trying to stay warm on a cold and wet day.

Champ raced towards his rightful owner when she came into sight. He jumped into the arms of Iron Pigs Merchandise Director, Janine Kurpiel, who was relieved to see her dog.

Champ’s six-day escapade in the Allentown area worried many of the staff and fans, but luckily he was returned unharmed, safe and very hungry.

Champ made it back in time to honor brave men and women during the stadium’s Hero Night festivities. After a quick trip to the Macungie Animal Hospital he will be back at Coca-Cola Park for the Pig’s 7:05 p.m. game against the Syracuse Chiefs.

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