What the Buck? Let's Stop This Now

"The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl Champions."

Here we go again.

The above statement isn't exactly a Merrill Reese call. Actually it's not much of a call at all.

No, this is the call that Joe Buck would likely make -- emotionless, dull and life sucking.

Buck has taken the recent joy of victory from a city that until recently was getting no brotherly love from its sports teams.

And, although it may be too soon to jump the gun with a championship call, recent times have given Philly a reason to believe in a future full of success and free from heartache and failure.

But, like the hard economic times that have devastated this country, Buck has crippled not only our wallets by using taxpayer money for a game day Federal Marshall escort but he's also taken away some of our seemingly undying spirits.

Philadelphia can only take so much.

Buck lacks that certain something when he broadcasts a sporting event. He can't quite put the, what's the word, ah, life into anything. In fact, it feels like he makes his living draining the life of all who are forced to listen to him.

Taxpayers you might want to work a little harder this week because a certain someone has another game to attend on Sunday.

Yes, Philadelphia it's true, Joe Buck will most likely once again broadcast an Eagles game -- this weekend's NFC Championship showdown against the Arizona Cardinals.

The game is expected to be full of hard-hitting, skull-cracking, bombs-away action -- but none of it will come to life in Fox's broadcasting booth.

The rally cry of many fans has been the same, "I hate Joe Buck!"

As Philly teams continue to win, it comes as no shock that our reward, week after week, sport after sport, is another Bucking gift from FOX.

In the aftermath of the Christmas season, don't we have enough lackluster so-called presents to return? But, the gift of Joe Buck is non-returnable.

Do whatever you can to keep the faith:

  • Turn the audio off on your television
  • Try everything you can to sync up to the sweet, soul-awakening voice of Mr. Reese and for once enjoy the game.

Don't worry Philly, just one more Bucking week to go.

We then get the sweet sounds of NBC's crew of John Madden and Al Michaels for the Super Bowl.

If President-elect Obama has taught us one thing during the election, it's the mindset, "Yes we can."

So log onto NBCPhiladelphia's official anti-Joe Buck petition and help impeach Joe from his Philadelphia broadcasting duties.

Click here to sign the "No Mo' Joe Buck" petition.

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