Texans Fan Kicks Police Horse; Your Move Eagles Fans

Brian Bostrom

I know Philly fans pride themselves on being the toughest, the surliest, the downright nastiest fans on the planet. Eagles fans are known to fight even when they aren’t sure what they’re fighting about, and I admire that kind of drunken belligerence in a person. But it seems you folks have been one-upped by a fan of your upcoming opponent. That’s right. Some crazy Texans fan allegedly pulled a Mongo on a police horse after his team beat up Tennessee on Sunday.

A Houston man was arrested Sunday for kicking a police horse outside of Reliant Park...

The man, 30-year old Jeffrey Paul Siebert, on top of being referred to as an "alleged horse kicker" in news stories about the incident, stands accused of "striking the horse in the hind quarters causing the horse to react."

Well really, what horse wouldn’t react to being kicked in the hind quarters? Between this incident and Andre Johnson laying the smack down on Cortland Finnegan on the field, these Texans suddenly look quite feisty. Heck, I didn’t even know that team HAD fans, much less ones passionate enough to get drunk and start kicking horses (Michael Vick totally doesn’t approve, by the way).

I dare say the gauntlet has been thrown down, Eagles fans. These Texans fans are clearly trying to challenge your legacy of breathtakingly pointless aggression. And now they’re coming to YOUR house! Have your nine-volt batteries ready. You never know what kind of horse kicker you’re dealing with.

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