Terrell Owens Still Desperate for Eagles' Phone Call (But Great at Hashtags)

The Philadelphia Eagles wide receivers haven't exactly been stellar this season. That much has been obvious.

So when former sit-up-doer Terrell Owens tweeted that he was available last week, Eagles fans found it quite hilarious.

The problem with that is, when T.O. realized that his kind-of-funny tweet got some play, he was seemingly encouraged to bring it more.

And even though he's currently out of the country, Terrell made it known to the Birds and anyone who follows him on Twitter that he's still working out and ready to play.

"Light workout while in Portugal just in case @Eagles make that call. #TheyCall-iBall ...TO81.COM," Owens tweeted today.

Got to give him credit, "They Call I Ball" is pretty good.

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