Tattooed Man-Breasts — A Sign of Eagles Super Fandom

It’s like they had been practicing -- with extraordinary ease and grace, Dave Turner and 19 year-old Dave Jr. pull their pecs out from their Eagles-themed Hawaiian shirts to reveal their Eagles logo tattoos.

Dave senior sports the old-school wings-out logo -- Dave Jr. carries the current, angry-looking-Eagle-about-to-strike profile logo.
But the tattoos are just the tip of the silver and green iceberg.

Dave and Dave have it all when it comes to green. No seriously, they have just about anything and everything that has ever carried an Eagles logo inside their East Fallowfield, Pa. -- much of it is autographed.

Dave Sr. even has a moped out in the shed covered in not-so-legible signatures he picked up when he used to ride it up to West Chester University for Eagles Training Camp.
This type of pack rat, hunt-and-display behavior could be considered over the top, but it's absolutely rooted in a true love of the Eagles.

These guys love how the Eagles make them feel about themselves and how the team has brought them together over the years. It’s a sweet story really, a tale of father, son and grandson sharing a passion that has been handed down through the years.

These guys cherish their Sundays together, and in fact, choose to watch together at home instead of sitting in cold, overpriced seats in the Linc. That said, if the guys want the at-the-game feel, they do have two seats and some turf from the Vet.
Dave and Dave might just be a perfect little portrait of what sports are really all about.

We hear a lot about players getting paid a ton of cash, players who shoot themselves in the leg (Go Plax!) and all sorts of other negative stories about coddled 20-somethings in cleats.

We -- make that the entire country -- also hear about bad Philly sports fans who roll cars, get hammered and throw snowballs at Santa Claus.

Here’s a prime example of fans who just love to love sports and the way it brings them together and the way it makes them feel.

These, America, are REAL Philly sports fans. Nice folks who just like to cheer on their birds.
Of course, if you tell them you’re a Dallas fan, you can probably expect a nasty butt whooping.

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