Spring Heralded With 1st Fan Tasering

The baseball season is never officially underway until at least one unruly fan is tasered and beaten with billy clubs. And I’m pleased to inform you that this year inaugural taseree, one Scott James Ashley, was NOT a Phillies fan! NICE!

As you can see from the above video, Pirates fan Ashley was brought down by the five-oh after being escorted from the stands for disorderly conduct. And here is the part that will, dare I say, shock you:

When a Taser's jolt had no effect, the video shows Detective Rende and Officer LaBella hitting Mr. Ashley several times with their nightsticks.

You hear that? The taser did NOTHING. Compare that to the Phillies fan who was tasered last year and dropped like a brick the second he got a taste of 50,000 volts. This Pirates fan must be some kind of unkillable cyborg to withstand the taser’s effects. And look at him absorb the initial blows from that billy club! It’s like someone is hitting him with a straw.

If someone hit me with a billy club, I’d wither instantly. But not Scott James Ashley. The man is immune to pain.

So consider the gauntlet thrown down, Phillies fans. Are you going to let the Pirates fans take your title as the roughest in sports? Or are you going to sit through an entire game being polite and courteous to people? Actually, perhaps the latter is the better option.

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