Sports Betting Closer to Reality in Delaware

Gov. Jack Markell's bet to bring sports gambling to Delaware could pay off. Gamblers could soon lay down bets on pro sports in Delaware.

A reworked sports betting bill passed the Delaware House of Representatives Friday. The first attempt by Markell to get a sports-betting measure passed failed earlier this week.

The compromised bill was passed by an overwhelming majority of 30-4 votes.

After negotiations the bill included a compromise that allows for table games to be allowed at the three Delaware racetrack casinos as soon as possible. The racetracks will also see a biggest piece of the state's gambling revenue, according to Delaware Online.

"My administration worked with the leadership in the house and senate to get this done," Markell said in a statement. "We never stopped fighting to do what was right for the taxpayers of Delaware."

The bill now must pass the State Senate and get signed by Markell before becoming law.

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