Phans Ticked Off After Game Suspension

Hold on to your tickets

It's not always sunny in Philadelphia. It took 28 years to get to the brink of a championship and Mother Nature has to throw us a curve ball. 

Game 5 of the World Series, as you know, was suspended after the field at Citizens Bank Park became a muddy mess.

A rain delay came first in the middle of the 6th inning. Then, nearly one hour later, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig made the call to suspend the game.

Although Game 5 could restart today, wet weather in the forecast may keep that from happening.

Some Phils fans are furious about the game being suspended and feel we're cursed. Others expect nothing less for Phillies fans. 

One Phillies follower told, nothing is easy in Philadelphia, so why not be drenched, frozen and tired? 

But, other fans say "a win is well worth the wait." What's another night or two when we've waited 28 years? 

When the game does resume, the Phillies will be at bat, bottom of the 6th. That means that in a tied game the Phillies will have 12 outs while the Rays will only get nine.

Fans who want to get back inside Citizens Bank Park to watch the rest of Game 5 will have to have Monday's ticket stub in hand.

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