Snatch a Front Row Seat for Some Birds that Really Fly!

Generate your own off-season warmth by grabbing a ticket to the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders Final Auditions on Tuesday, April 21. The final moves get underway at the Prince Music Theatre in Center City at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $22.50 per person and can be purchased by clicking on  
The weeknight diva diversion features 60 vexing veterans and hopefuls vying for 38 spots on the 2009 squad. Each prospective cheerleader will be put through her paces by performing a one-minute dance routine and facing down a panel of judges in an on-stage interview (90% of a cheerleader audition is physical; the other half is mental!). Organizers say contestants will also "get the opportunity to showcase their physical fitness and beauty". Expect all-pro outfits and maxim make-up at the final!
So while Brian Dawkins' departure may have left you cold, the Eagles Cheerleaders Final Auditions
could light a fire that'll keep you toasty until those hot Vera Wang outfits come out of mothballs in August!

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