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Sixers' Odds to Win NBA Finals

Following a stunning 52-win season, the Sixers find themselves in the playoffs for the first time since 2011-12. And with fairly high expectations, too. 

Bovada has released its odds for the playoffs and unsurprisingly, the Sixers are pretty high up on the list of legitimate contenders.

The Sixers (15/1) have the fifth-best odds to win the NBA Finals. Here are the favorites: 

Warriors - 7/5
Rockets - 8/5
Cavaliers - 13/2
Raptors - 17/2
Sixers - 15/1 

The next closest team, the Thunder, sits at 25/1. 

That puts the Sixers just outside the four-team pack of favorites. Still, for a team that won 10 games a couple years ago, you have to like the Sixers' odds. 

As for the Eastern Conference, the Sixers have the third-best odds to reach the Finals at 5/1 odds, just behind the Cavs (5/4) and the Raptors (8/5).

For reference, the No. 2 Celtics' odds have freefallen since it was announced that superstar guard Kyrie Irving will miss the entirety of the playoffs. Boston sits at 70/1 to win the Finals and has the fourth-best odds to win the East at 20/1.

The third-seeded Sixers open their series vs. the Heat Saturday at 8 p.m. at the Wells Fargo Center. 

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