T.J. McConnell Paid Cover Because He Didn't Have Ticket Stub of Game He Played in

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette has a write up on T.J. McConnell's rookie season today that includes this absolutely perfectly Philadelphian lede:

T.J. McConnell had just finished a recent game with the Philadelphia 76ers when he and his father, a few family members and some friends decided to visit an establishment within walking distance of Wells Fargo Center. T.J. was first to the door when a worker announced there was a $10 cover charge, but free admittance with a 76ers ticket stub.

"He played," said Tim McConnell, pointing at his son.

The worker still wanted $10.

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"No, you don't understand. He played in the game," Tim McConnell tried to reason.

No matter. It was $10.

I think it's pretty safe to assume the "establishment within walking distance" to the WFC was Xfinity Live. McConnell probably just wanted to ride that bull at the PBR Bar and Grill.

But the lack of respect shown to the Sixers' point guard is kind of surprising. I bet the employee who made him pay is going to hear about it from his manager today.

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