Soup-related Incident Helped Sixers Vs. Cavs

It probably wouldn't have made a difference last night, but the Cavaliers did not have J.R. Smith against the Sixers for a pretty hilarious reason.

The two-guard was reportedly suspended by Cleveland for *throwing a bowl of soup* at Cavs assistant coach and former NBA three-point specialist Damon Jones. 

Tensions must have boiled over. Unclear whether it was Chunky, Progresso or something homemade. Either way, that is no way to treat a perfectly warm bowl of soup. 

Thursday night's nationally televised Sixers win over the Cavs was just the second game Smith has missed all season. He ranks second on the team in minutes per game (29.3) and second in threes made (113). 

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Rodney Hood ended up starting against the Sixers in Smith's place and had 11 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists in 39 minutes, going 5 for 14 from the floor. The only Cavs who shot better than 43 percent were LeBron James, Larry Nance and Cedi Osman. The rest of the team shot a combined 32.7 percent.

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