Sonny Hill Sees ‘younger Version of Wilt' in Joel Embiid

Sonny Hill knows a thing or two about basketball.

And the Philadelphia basketball legend sees some greatness in Joel Embiid.

A reddit user by the name of SpidermanJones posted a video of Hill from the Sixers' game on Wednesday night. Hill was asked about Embiid possessing qualities the NBA hasn't seen in sometime.

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Wilt Chamberlain popped right into Hill's head.

"Younger version of Wilt," Hill said of Embiid. 

It sounded like Hill prefaced the claim by saying with development, Embiid compares to "Wilt the Stilt."

Still, that's quite the comparison.

"I've never, ever done that before," Hill said.

Sixers fans will take it.

For the video of Hill, click right here.

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