Sixers Talk Podcast (featuring Marc Zumoff): What Adjustments Will Raptors Make in Game 4?

On this episode of Sixers Talk, we welcome the voice of the Sixers, Marc Zumoff! Marc and Paul Hudrick react to a convincing Game 3 victory. Joel Embiid looked fully back and he was dominant. How has the Sixers' bench outperformed the vaunted bench of the Raptors?

The guys take a look at Game 4. What adjustments do we expect Nick Nurse and Toronto to make? Also, do the Sixers need to do anything differently in defending Kawhi Leonard?

0:30 - Welcome Marc Zumoff to Sixers Talk!
2:00 - Joel Embiid looked great and healthy.
5:00 - Looks like Jimmy Butler is figuring out his role.
8:30 - JJ Redick has been underrated.
11:30 - Role reversal: Benches edition.
17:00 - Looking ahead to Game 4. How will the Raptors adjust?
27:30 - Do the Sixers need to defend Kawhi any differently?
34:00 - A warning not to bury the Raptors just yet.

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