Sixers Glance at 11th Win and Decide Nah, Good Night Everyone

At least the tragedy of this one was over well earlier than it was the first time we blew a 20-something-point lead to the Chicago Bulls. The Sixers led by 60-39 late in the second quarter, then decided that was early enough to get into victory formation, letting the Bulls rattle off a staggering 19 unanswered, blowing that up to a 13-point Chicago lead by quarter's end. The Sixers would threaten again in the fourth but blah blah blah weedle weedle weedle they lost by ten. 10-72. Season over. Don't call us, Kendall Marshall, we'll call you. 

Kendall started this game at shooting guard in reserve of a dunked-out Nik Stauskas, and if "starting two-guard Kendall Marshall" doesn't sum up the close of this Sixers season I'm not sure what would. Nik joined Jahlil Okafor, Carl Landry, Elton Brand, Isaiah Canaan, Richaun Holmes, and Christian Wood in the Sixers' DNP mob, leaving just seven healthy bodies for this season's final statement. Of those, Robert Covington probably had the best game, continuing his late season surge with six of the Sixers' 17 triples. Hollis + Jerami both had 20-plus. Nerlens hit his first jumper since Thanksgiving. You will not miss watching these dudes in the months to come.

So yeah, the good news is that it's over. As long expected, the Sixers and Lakers finish 1-2 in terms of worst overall record - unless that ridiculous Kobe game last night somehow counts for ten Laker wins, which maybe it should - meaning Philly will need a little luck on lottery night to get the Lakers' top-three-protected pick. The Kings' finish with the ninth-best lottery odds, adding about another 2% to Philly's chances of landing first overall, via Sacramento pick-swap. The Heat's pick owed to us will land somewhere between 21-24, thanks to the East's final-standings clusterf**k, and OKC's will transfer over to us at #26. 

Was it all worth it? Ask us again on May 17. We'll further break down all that nonsense later, digging into the lessons learned from the Season That Wasn't, and figure out exactly where we're supposed to be going from here. In the meantime, enjoy a nice long break from watching the second-worst team in NBA history, and all the irreparable harm it's caused us. We've earned it.

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