Sixers Fans Start GoFundMe to Pay Millionaire Joel Embiid's NBA Fine

Joel Embiid on Saturday night learned that cursing is not permitted in polite society.

Or the NBA, for that matter.

Embiid was fined $10,000 by the NBA for using inappropriate language on social media, when he said "F--- LaVar Ball" on Instagram Live on July 4. Read more about that here.

Almost immediately after the Embiid fine was announced, Sixers fans came to his aide. A fan by the name of "Mike C." started a GoFundMe to "Pay JoJo's Fine."

In actuality, 100 percent of the proceeds raised by Mike C. will be donated to the SPCA, which is nice because we all should support animal rights.

Within the first hour of the GoFundMe, $795 was raised by 48 people at the time of this posting. If you feel the need to donate, you can do so by clicking right here.

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Some of the names of the doners are priceless. Some good publishable names include Big Bust Brand, Paul Millsap, BBB - Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica, Lonzo Ball and Ghost of Sam Hinkie.

But let's break down how much of a dent the $10,000 will be in Embiid's wallet.

Embiid's rookie contract was a four-year deal for $19,981,026 that paid him $$4,427,640 his first year, $4,626,960 his second year, $4,826,160 last season and will pay him $6,100,266 this coming season. His final year of the contract will pay him $8,003,549.

The $10,000 is .16 percent of his 2017-18 salary and .21 percent of his 2016-17 salary. Contract information via Calculations from our own calculators.

Suffice to say, cursing will not put a dent in Embiid's wallet or The Process.

And if it does, Sixers fans will be there to pay.

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