Scott O'Neil Says It's ‘pretty Unlikely' Joel Embiid Plays in Summer League

Philadelphia 76ers fans got a bit excited when Brett Brown recently said that, "there's a chance" Joel Embiid could play in the team's Summer League games.

Granted, Brown didn't say it was a big chance (or a little chance, for that matter). He just said the posibility existed.

And it still probably exists, but that doesn't mean it's likely.

CEO Scott O'Neil was a guest on Philly Sports Talk Live last night and put things in a bit more measured tone.

"We're going to take every percaution you'd imagine us to take and be resonsible," O'Neil told Michael Barkann. "I think Bryan [Colangelo] has been on record saying it's pretty unlikely you'll see him in Summer League and I'll say that's a good assessment."

O'Neil also mentioned the videos that surfaced of Embiid putting in work after the team's pre-draft workouts.

"Boy, he looks fit. He can shoot the ball. Looks like a monster, can rebound, can block shots, I can't wait to see him on the court.

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