Sam Hinkie Is Hidden in the Walls All Over the Sixers' Training Facility in Camden

I'm not sure of the exact moment it happened, but at some point in the past few years Sixers fans overtook Flyers fans as the most insane fanbase in Philadelphia.

That point was emphasized today in a story by former television host John Gonzalez for in which he tells the outlandish tale of an electrician who lost his marbles -- or got his wires crossed. Or something.

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The crux of it: an electrician from New Jersey did a ton of work on the Sixers' new training complex in Camden during its construction and wrote little pro Sam Hinkie Process slogans on lighting parts that are now hidden in plain sight throughout the building.

#TTP. Hinkie died for our sins. 1 part courage, 2 parts patience. 

The man wants to remain anonymous as defacing the building you're being paid to work on probably isn't great for your future employment, but wants to go by "Son of Sam." Which is pretty great.

"Any of us would have done the same thing in my position," Son of Sam told Gonzo. "Suppose you were an electrician in South Jersey and you were left alone in that building to do your work. What would you do?"

I feel like the easy answer to that question would be "your job," but nothing is ever easy in the world of the Philadelphia fan.

So why is this electrician coming out with this now? Well, he wants Joel Embiid's attention, which is the cherry on the Shirley Temple.

"I want Joel Embiid to know what I did," he said.

Trust the Process. Just not the electrician.

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